Thursday, August 12, 2010

4 Simple Goals

Good Morning All,

I've decided to join Elsie Flanagan in her blog project, 4 simple goals. I am turning 40 in February, so I thought it would be a good time to set some life goals for myself to try and accomplish before turning 40. Nothing too complicated or stressful. Just some small changes I would like to make in my life to make it more pleasant for myself!

1. Spend time in my loft at least two nights a week organizing and de-stashing/de-cluttering. I have so many beautiful scrapbook papers, stamps and supplies that I find myself "rarely" using because my space is such a mess and I do not make the time to go up there and do something about it. **I think I might get brave and post a BEFORE photo to embarrass myself into sticking to it-LOL!**

2. Clean out my closet little by little and get rid of things that I have been "holding onto until I lose some weight"! I am not giving up on trying to lose some weight and getting healthier. But right now, the clutter is overwhelming me and if, no WHEN I lose some weight I can reward myself with a few new wardrobe goodies! (I have already started cleaning out the closet, donating clothes and consigning some and it feels GOOD! My goal is to keep up with it.

3. Make more nutritional food choices. I always try to get my son to eat more fruits and vegetables but I am not setting a good example by doing the same myself. Being healthier and eating better will help me accomplish my other goals!

4. Create MORE! This will go hand in hand with goal #1. The main reason I do not spend more time creating, is the mess I've got in my loft! I cannot focus on anything with the mess around me-LOL! So I need to stop thinking about it and JUST DO IT!

I know my goals are not very original, but accomplishing them will make my life so much better, I think about doing these things all the time but do not take action. Now that I have gotten them down in writing, it's time to STOP making excuses! I will be posting updates on my blog to keep me going! Why not join in and set some goals for yourself?!?!

Thanks to Elsie for the never ending inspiration!!!!!!!

xx, nora anne


Junie said...

Hi Nora-Ann oooooo I am impressed that all sounds so good to me !! You are so lucky to at least have a space to work in !!! I wish I had !! I joined Curves instead of going on a strict controlled diet. It truly works exercise and also watching what you are eating !!! Keep me posted

Regina said...

Your goals are inspiring, seem totally realistic, and leave LOTS of room for fun (new wearable goodies - GREAT reward)! Even though many of us share in them, it is seeing that we have similar things for which we strive for, that can help motivate and encourage us. Thanks for putting your out there!

Scrapcollectr said...

How is it possible that you have all my goals??? Lol thanks for the inspiration to get going on them! =D

Natalie Marie said...

I want to create more too!