Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 Simple Goals Progress

As you know, I decided to join Elsie Flanagan and many of her blog followers in 4 Simple Goals. And HERE is where you can find my list of goals to reach before I turn 40 in February 2011. In my original post, I mentioned I may share some BEFORE pictures of my crafty space to motivate me by embarrassment! So, here is the first photo of my workspace (hanging head in shame).

So, this may not look SO bad if it was only this spot that was messy from a few projects and these particular items just needed to be put away and tidied up, but I have to admit the entire room is as bad as this table which is why it's so overwhelming! I am proud to say I did spend about 3 hours in there this weekend and made a bit of progress. I will share some of those photos later in the week.

I didn't get much done in the closet (goal#2), but I did eat a fair amount of strawberries this weekend (goal#3) and I also made a few cards (goal#4)!

Now to just keep it up!

xx, noraanne


Andrea Ewen said...

Those things are hard to do, NoraAnne but at least your making progress! And don't feel bad about your craft room, I think everyone of us could hang our heads in shame as well. Not going to deter us though! Keep up the great work!

Michelle said...

Yay! :) Kudos on the good goal stick-toitiveness!! And my workspace looks pretty similar, I have to say. lol. I go crazy making a mess while making stuff and it always needs a good overhaul when I'm done. :) Have fun!