Saturday, April 26, 2008

Layout without a photo challenge...

This layout was for a challenge at Memorable Seasons to do a layout without a photo. Since my husband finally gave up on wearing his favorite jeans (his boxers were hanging out of holes in them!!) I figured I would do something with them instead of throwing them in the garbage (aka, break his heart). I don't know if he loved them so much because they were worn and comfy or because he got them on sale for $8.00, I think it's all about the price for him : ) The cozy comfy was just a bonus! Anyway, here is something I made for him so we would always remember his jeans that I forced him to stop wearing!!!


Melanie said...

This looks wonderful Nora Anne.
I love the date (4/ev/r)

NoraAnne said...

Thanks Melanie!!!