Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I so wish I was home spending time with my little man and scrapbooking instead of being at work. Thought I'd take a break from the mundane and do a little blogging. I'm so excited to start working on some layouts I have dreamed up in my head, if I could only find the time! Work is such an interruption of my life as I want it to be....there's always the lottery, but I guess I have to play to win. I guess if I gave up a new jar of prima flowers and some stickles each week and played the lottery instead, then I'd have a fighting chance. But, the goodies are too tempting to pass up. This weekend, I will be visiting the Scrapbook Cafe (the best place on earth!) to take part in the Layout of the Month Club. I always leave there with so much more than I need to do my layout for the following month. This time I must be good though as I will be going to Florida in 2 weeks for a girls weekend and me and my hubby just booked a trip to Ireland for a family wedding in October....yeah, lots of photo opportunities coming up : )


Jen D. said...

You know I fee the same would be SO much better if we didn't have to work:wink: At least you can take a break while at work and hop on the 'net. No personal computing allowed at my job.

I plan on going to the store sometime this weekend...I don't do the LOM, but I'm thinkin a trip is needed(I'm sure the kiddos won't like it when I tell them we're heading there)

NoraAnne said...

LOL! Maybe I'll see you there!