Saturday, January 29, 2011

What do you think...

about my blog makeover? It's still in the works since I am very technically UN-savvy! You wouldn't believe how long it took me to make these small changes! I TRIED AND TRIED to follow the tutorial on Shabby Blogs to add a photo to your header using foto flexer. I really think there were issues with the website though because I tried two different computers and kept coming up with different errors, I'm happy to say I didn't throw my computer though (I wanted to a few times!)  So I settled for text only rather than the picture of my sweet Luke that I had in mind.
With that said, I have been working on this for almost 7 hours now, ignored everything else on my to do list (as well as my family) and it's the wee hours of the morning now, so I am off to pack for tomorrow's crop and go to sleep!
Nighty night :)


Noelle Reese said...

My blog makes me say things I would NEVER say in a real life. Well, out loud LOL I love the banners! My blog makes me want to QUIT it all the time LOL

Junie said...

I love the new look Nora-Anne !!! I used to want to change my blog all the time but I got so mad at times I just left it the way it was LOL !!!