Monday, July 26, 2010

Wrinkly Ribbon Tutorial

Well, we've all seen one of the latest craze's in papercrafting~wrinkly ribbon, crinkly ribbon, dyed seam binding~call it what you want~I call it gorgeous! LOL! I am a sucker for trends, but I usually spend more time watching them and blog hopping, then I do actually using them. So, in my true style, YES, I admit, I am late on this trend, but better late than never I say!
I'm sure anyone that loves this wrinkly ribbon as much as I do, has already searched for a tutorial, but I thought I'd share mine anyway, just for giggles :)

So, when I decided I just HAD to make my own wrinkly ribbon, the tutorial I found and pretty much followed exactly was from Noel Mignon's Tips and Techniques Blog.
So, I started with some Hug Snug seam binding that I got from Zipper Stop on Ebay-good price, super fast shipping!

I tried Smooch Spritz too, more concentrated vibrant color and messier too :)
While I was preparing my other supplies, I brewed a yummy pot of Hazelnut coffee! (YES, this really is relevant!)

Spray some glimmer mist on the seam binding while your coffee brews :)

Once the coffee is done, p0ur yourself a cup and enjoy! Take the wet coffee grinds and dump them into a plastic bowl with your sprayed seam binding to create a nice vintage-y feel!

And remember, it's more fun if you make a mess!

I baked mine in the sun to dry it quicker because I don't have a lot of patience!

And here is the final result :) Gorgeous and ready to be used for whatever crafty project you are about to embark on!

Hope you have enjoyed my tutorial! Later this week I will be sharing how I made my vintage sheet music flowers~seen here.................

Hope you are have a great week :)
xx, nora anne


Michelle said...

Oh, this is really cool!! The look gorgeous, and I love anything that gets the hands messy. :) Lovely!

lynn said...

i love this post, nora anne! thanks for the tutorial-don't you love tips and techniques blog?! your flowers look awesome:)

vtpuggirl said...

Oh that's cool! Messy but very pretty.

Amy said...

A really great Tutorial and the ribbon turned out so pretty..and ya gotta know I love my coffee!

Cindy Haffner said...

Too COOL!!

Aleks said...

Ok, thank you for sharing this!! I love it! I joined a little late...but I'm # 49!! One more to 50!

Rona said...

love this - I had never seen the coffee grounds added - will give that a try!!