Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tell Your Story

I took the plunge and signed up for the art journal class with Elsie and Rachel starting on April 26th.
I've never done an art journal, so I am pretty excited to learn something new and create outside of my comfort zone. Hopefully I will stick with it since I am famous for "unfinished projects". Call it busy, call it lazy, call it crafty A.D.D., whatever it may be I hope it doesn't strike this time! I really want to finish this one!
I have been wanting to jump on board the new trend of Japanese Masking tape, so I ordered some from our pal, Tak at Love My Tapes. I'm looking forward to receiving it and starting my two bonus pages of my art journal before the official start of the class on the 26th.

*Photo from RVA Website*

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Michelle said...

Oh, cool! I'm taking the class, too - I haven't art journalled in years & thought it would be a great jump-start to get back into it. :) And I'm also famous for starting-but-not-finishing a million projects. lol. There's just too much good stuff to do, I think. You're not alone! Hopefully we can both finish an art journal. :) he he.