Friday, January 16, 2009


Sooooo happy it's Friday and no plans for the weekend, YIPPEE!!!!

This can only mean some family time, some crafty time, and some time to ORGANIZE! Everytime I come up into my loft though, I get distracted by the computer and my organizing plans go down the tube! I am really going to try to focus this weekend though because the mess is driving me crazy :) Do you have any tips on organizing that have worked for you?!?! or maybe I should say on FOCUSING on organizing! That's where I seem to have a problem :)

I will share two new cards I made this week and from there, I will get off of the computer and begin my dreaded task of cleaning/organizing my space!

The first card is die cut from my Sizzix Big Shot (love that tool!) I have been meaning to make some more baby cards for my Etsy shop.

The second one is another stamp by Victoria Case Designs. This one is a cling cushion rubber stamp, not digital and can be found here. Check them out, great quality!

Happy Weekend everyone and if I ever get organized, I will share some pictures of my space :)
xo Nora Anne


Creative Minds said...

You have great cards. I love them!!!
Hope you had a good weekend. :)

Julia Aston said...

Hi NoraAnne! thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment - you asked what county in Ireland St. Kevin's monastary was (pic from my blog banner) I had to go back and look at our trip info to find out! It's in Wicklow County in Glendalough just south of Dublin. Hope that helps!

I love your little onsie card and the image on the 2nd one is adorable!