Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is it normal?

for a family that was once very grounded and very close to fall apart after a tragedy? I think the answer is yes, but it still doesn't help to make it feel better or right. My mom died a year and a half ago and my family is feeling the ripple, the after effects. How much worse does it have to get before it starts to get better? I wish I knew.
So many strange things are going on right now, things I never thought would happen....fights and angry words and hurt feelings. Some of it involves me and some of it doesn't. I have that nagging pit in my stomach, you know that feeling...the one you had after your first love ditched you, or you caught your boyfried cheating or your best friend betrayed you. I miss my family that once was, my family that will never be the same.
I think it feels better to have it out there, in writing, out loud (so to speak)...even if no one ever reads this, it feels good to type it. The only one that could make me feel better is my mom and that's not possible anymore. So for now, I will just put it out there into cyberspace.
So now I will end this depressing post with a little something cheery. A new magnet I made tonight for my Etsy shop. My therapy.

xx, Nora Anne


juniejo said...

Oh Nora ... you sound so so sad !!! I am sending you a huge huge hug !!!! I totally know how you feel. I dont speak with my brother for about 8 years now, cannot be bothered with him but he has two children I dont see them and my daughter doesn't know her cousins !!! But there is always a friend there to send you a hug !! I send you a BIG HUGE ONE !!! love your magnet. You have your class to look forward to

Victoria said...

Big hugs- NoraAnne!! I'm sorry that you're going through this. It sounds like your mom, the matriarch of your family was the glue that kept things together. People sometimes turn to anger and frustration when faced with such a tragic change-I think there just needs to be more time to heal- hopefully you will all come back together. You are doing the best thing by letting it out.

Julia Aston said...

Hi Nora - I'm so sorry you are going through this with your family - it seems like everyone needs to sit down and talk. But if that isn't possible - sometimes we just have to separate with love and try to move on - I'd suggest praying a lot for God to bring you comfort and help to your family. It does take a long time to adjust - at least one year so don't dispair.

Your magnet is just adorable - that's the spirit- do the things you love to do to keep yourself busy!

Allies Creative Designs said...

Hi Nora,
Hugs going your way! This happened to my Mother's family from one sibling to the others, but quess what they are now closer than before. It just takes time to heal, and grieve. Don't think that you are by yourself. Sometimes you have to just talk, some will and others may not. Keep making all of those beautiful items. I love the magnet. Sending hugs, and prayers your way!!!