Monday, September 22, 2014

Clear Stamp Storage

Just a quick post here after AGES of abandoning my blog to share my clear stamp storage. I have tried many different ways to store my clear stamps, from binders to magnetic sheets to iris containers to plastic drawers. The best solution I have come up with for me is the Avery Elle sleeves labeled and organized by manufacturer and stored in a basket to easily flip through. The only issue I have is too many stamps, right now I need about 2 more baskets to hold the rest. I have seen a lot of people use these and add a white cardstock to fit inside the envelope. I wish I had seen that when I started this method, but I may go back and do that so they are not as flimsy, especially the smaller stamp sets.

As of now, I've had them this way for about a year and I think I have finally found my permanent solution!

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