Sunday, August 21, 2011

4 Years In Heaven

I love and miss you every day Mommy!

My Mother seems so far away from me,
On that beautiful white shore across the sea.
Yet I remember love’s soft glow upon her face,
And the feel of her touch and tender embrace.
When I am weary from the burdens I’ve borne,
And the path is unclear and I feel so forlorn,
I remember her loving support was always near,
And her advice made the path ahead seem clear.
When I feel there is no one who seems to care,
Or when the heartache seems too hard to bear,
I remember how she always stood by my side,
And would tenderly wipe away the tears I cried.
When there are moments of great joy and pride,
And I wish my Mother was standing at my side,
I remember she saw more than I thought I could be,
And know I owe my triumphs to her belief in me.
When I reminisce about the things she used to say,
And I miss her and think she is so far away,
I remember what she gave lives on through me,
And one day I’ll see her on the shore across the sea.


lynn said...

beautiful post, noraanne:)

Emily Leiphart said...

NoraAnne, this poem is beautiful.

Junie said...

I am sure NoraAnne you mum watches over you from heaven every single day !!! sending you hugs and thinking of you !!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

What a beautiful poem--I know that you will see her again! Praise the Lord:) Sending tons of hugs:) <3

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

What a beautiful poem, Nora Anne. Thanks for sharing it with us as you remember your mother.