Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall = Love

I love the fall and I am making sure to enjoy each moment this season! It goes by so fast and I am really trying this year to take time to do the things that I enjoy and that we enjoy as a family. Yesterday, I was off work and Luke's school was closed for Columbus Day. We went pumpkin picking at Johnson's Farm with my sister and her son and my cousin and her kids met us there. It was a "little" hot for pumpkin picking but we still enjoyed every bit of it!

It was a great day at the farm despite the warm temperatures!

Then tonight after work, I popped a chicken pot pie from Johnson's farm into the oven.

As soon as that was settled and heating, Luke and I began on our Rolo pretzels! I learned of this delicious little snack last year from Pat and Heather. When I saw Heather mention them on Facebook the other day, I knew that Luke would love these~he LOVES making things in the kitchen~my little chef!

We had so much fun! Luke's favorite part was adding the sprinkles *smile*. I forgot to pick up pecans, so we improvised with some peanuts. It worked.

So, do you like my Corningware plate?! These are the plates we grew up eating our spaghetti and meatloaf from, they bring back such fond childhood memories. When my mom passed away, I knew I couldn't let these go, so they came home with me.

Thanks for stopping by today. No time for craftiness the past few days, but hopefully I will have a card or something to share with you later this week.

xx, nora anne

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Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi NoraAnne!

What fun photos here!! Oeh, love the sun there with you! With me in the Netherlands it's a grey, grey view form the window... what a fun combination, rolo pretzels, ha ha!!

Hugs, Wendy