Saturday, January 9, 2010

This is (was) my Craft Room.

When I took these pictures last year, they were meant to be "before" photos. My plan was to do some super-organizing and then decorate and make it cute & crafty looking. Well, so much for plans! Today you can barely walk in the loft. The trouble began around the time Colleen & I took over the Scrapbook Cafe. I slowly began bringing things from home to the shop and it got to be WAY too much! So I brought some stuff back home and never put it back in it's place. Then, everytime I needed something for a project, I would make a bigger mess. Now it's OUT OF CONTROL! so then I decided to clean out the attic, and that made the mess EVEN BIGGER!
So I was looking on Flickr tonight and came across some craft room photos that got me thinking about my HUGE MESS. Maybe someday soon (probably not) I can post some "after" photos that will inspire! LOL! I am not being pessimistic in saying probably not, I just know that I will not be able to make the time for AWHILE! But it's on the "to do" list somewhere!
This is what I dream of it looking like some day! Any one of these will do! (photos snagged from

So now that you've seen my mess, I will share two cards I made using my new {ippity} stamps and new Memory Box paper I picked up at One Little Spark, SO pretty!

Have a great weekend xx
Nora Anne


Allison said...

Amazing how quickly that sort of thing gets out of control, huh? Good luck in getting your room back! We just moved my set up around and I have a little more room now. Only problem is my arms are too short to reach the back of my new countertop. LOL

Katie Skiff said...

Ah....I too would love ANY of those rooms!! Good luck with your transformations!! Cute ippity carsd too!! YA!!