Friday, May 8, 2009

Sassy Adult Humor

This is the name of the new section I added to my Etsy shop. The Victoria Case pin-up digital images are just too brilliant not to share! So I decided to make some cards with a "naughty" spin since the images themselves are very sexy ;)

I also made one using the Kawaii cherry stamp from My Cute Stamps. I hope nobody finds these cards offensive :)

On another note, I would like to wish everyone out there a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. It's terrible to say since my son is not even three yet, but Mother's Day for me is a day that I dread rather than look forward to. In August my mom will be gone two years. Someday I hope I won't feel this way, but for now this day is not about me. I guess I am too new at being a mother that I still feel the day is not about me but always about my own mom. And without her, it's a day of sadness because I don't have her to hug and snuggle and kiss. Although I am 38 years old, up until the day she died, I would still crawl in bed with her and snuggle and feel like her little girl. I only hope that I can give my son the gift of being a mommy half as wonderful as she was.
I love you Mommy and miss you!


juniejo said...

Long time no see !! I LOVE your cards Nora!!! I can understand how you are feeling but think your Mum would so not want you to be like this CELEBRATE that you have such a fantastic MOTHER AND THE LOVE THAT YOU SHARED that would make her so happy looking down at you from where she is !!!!

Allies Creative Designs said...

Hello, Just wanted to say that I love your cards, Been wondering where you were. I agree with Juniejo Celebrate that your Mom was so special to you because that is worth everything today. You're so lucky that she was so special and pass this on to your little one. Tell him all about her, and how much you love her. I know it would be very hard to not have her on Mother's Day because I don't know how I would feel. She's looking down on you and smiling and I know she doesn't want you to be sad. Do something in her honor. She's with you everyday!! Have a Happy Mother's Day and I'm sending hugs your way!!!

Softpencil said...

Very beautiful cards!!!

Brandi said...

Cute cards Nora - way to rock the VC images!



Heather "Hev" said...

These are fab :) I am sure they will be snapped up!!!