Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank you

Thanks so much to everyone for all of the kind words and prayers for my sister. She spoke to the oncologist today and after reviewing her biopsy, he seems to think they caught it very early and that she will be fine. She goes on Tuesday to have surgery. They are removing the area around the tumor and will biopsy that to make sure it hasn't spread. But at this point, they are fairly certain it has not. THANK GOD! She was in better spirits today too. Yesterday was just a very scary, shocking day for her and for all of us. I love my sister's so much and don't know what I would do if something happened to one of them. Too scary to even think about.
Here is a card to celebrate all of the awesome girls in my life! Sisters, sister in laws, cousins, friends, cyber-friends! All of your comments really mean a lot!

Hugs! Nora Anne :)


juniejo said...

Nora that is fab fab news !!! will keep you and your sister in my prayers !!! Sending you hugs !!!

Allie said...

So glad to hear it! That is a pretty prevalent thing in my family. Seems like people are having stuff removed all the time! Scary.

stripeymonkey :) said...

hello :)

i'm so pleased things are looking good... what an awful thing to have to go through - wishing you and your sister much love and happiness xx :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nora-ann.

I hope you won't be upset by what I say. I hope all will go well for your sister and she will live a long and healthy life. Last week one of my friends passed away from melanoma. She had a small growth which turned out to be melanoma removed from her neck about ten years ago and had chemo at that time. Everything seemed fine until this past November when she was diagnosed with lung and bone metastasis. Things went down hill from there very quickly. She was only 65, and such a special person so a sad loss. It is so important to be vigilant ever after with any type of cancer. You can't live in fear but tell your sister to jump on any health concerns ASAP because the sooner you catch it and treat it the better chances are. My friend went around for months thinking she had a cold or bronchitis when it was lung cancer.