Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hello Stranger

I feel like Iam a stranger these days! Life is just FLYING by, I can't believe Christmas is here. Luke has been sick and Neil working two full time jobs has really made life hectic for me (imagine how he feels?!?!) I haven't blogged, I haven't chatted on my favorite Message Board (Memorable Seasons) in ages and I am SO behind on everything else, December Daily Album, I never finished my Stories in Hand class, I have two circle journals to mail out...UGH! I feel like I will be able to catch up very SOON though! The only thing I have been keeping up with slightly is my Etsy shop.

On another note, Neil took off work a few weekends ago and we went to DC and had a tour of the White House and the Pentagon, it was SUCH a cool experience! The tour was arranged by a realtor that Neil works with who's son works at the Pentagon. Here are some pictures:

This is the Indian Treaty Room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building right next to the White House.This room was so cool looking, I love the floor!

Above is also the Indian Treaty Room. We were allowed to take pictures in this building without any restrictions.
Below is the Press Room in the White House, this is the only place in the White House where we were allowed to take pictures.

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Allie said...

Very cool trip! Hope you get caught up. I hate that feeling of being swamped!