Sunday, June 8, 2008

Susie's Blog Challenge

The challenge is to post a pet peeve and then something besides family that makes you smile!
So, let's see, my pet peeve are my clients at work that get very nasty with me when they are calling me for HELP! When I am asking someone for help, I try to be extra nice, but some people are just so nasty and don't appreciate someone who is trying to work with them and for them to get an issue resolved. ugh, the NERVE!!!
Something that makes me smile, is SCRAPBOOKING, of course!!!!


So Many Scraps said...

Great post! I use to find that when I was working in nursing to sometimes and you would suggest to them something they should to do to help their health like give up smoking! No matter how you talked to them they were mean and nasty to you! THANKS FOR PLAYING ALONG!

jen said...

I hate that too! Why be rude to someone who is helping you?!?